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Some players love creating their own board layouts for Mothership and now there’s a way to share them with others. Introducing the Board Layout Creator.

After arranging the tiles in the web app, take a screenshot and send it to me and I’ll review it and¬†upload it the Layout Gallery.

There are some guidelines to follow, but generally just have fun with it. Any game type is accepted, 2 – 6 player, free for all or team games.

After a few weeks or so I’ll be updating the Mothership App to include all the layouts so you can refer to them while setting up the game.

App store

If you want to add a little electronic touch your Mothership experience then look no further than the Mothership Dice Roller. Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store, use the app to roll dice for your whole table or use one device to replace a single player’s Tech Tree and Control Panel.

The app also includes the rule book, full card list and How to Play video.

Ever since I started playing dice-based tabletop games I have tried to find an easier way to add up dice rolls. And look, I’ll level with you, my brain is visual. I’m not terrible at maths but adding up in head is a slow process. So I know some of you will still want to keep using physical dice, and that’s cool! But for those like me that would rather a computer to do the adding up for them, you can download it now.

One of the many things I’ve been doing while getting Mothership ready for mass production is preparing some new artwork for the retail version of Mothership.

The Limited Edition Box featured in the Kickstarter campaign will be only be around for about 1000 copies. The artwork above will be on the box in the future. Read on to hear more about the creative process.

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After 31 days 811 backers pledged over $50,000 to help make Mothership a reality! Thank you to everyone who got involved!

If you missed the campaign you can still pre-order but clicking the link at the top of the page. The Kickstarter edition will be available for a little longer but pre-orders will close in a month or so.

All updates for Mothership will be posted to Kickstarter first here. Okay, now to get back to work!