Mothership – Tabletop Combat

Mothership takes the best elements from dice combat games and blends them into an easy to pick up, unpredictable and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s light-hearted, engaging and the most fun you will have had rolling dice in ages!

Mothership is a tabletop dice combat game for 2 to 6 people. Players take turns moving ships, attacking other players, capturing planets and managing an economy.

Your fleet is composed of three unique ship types, including the versatile Mothership that can modify its weapons, shields and engines on the fly.

All players start with the same fleet of ships on a balanced board that changes every time you play. Battles occur between ships using dice and players must protect their own base while attacking their enemy’s base.

To get the edge over their opponents, players must capture planets and spend resources on upgrading a technology tree. The technology tree complements certain strategies and there is no bad choice. It all comes down to your ability to out-smart the enemy.

Mothership also throws a little chaos into the mix with Action cards! You can choose to put your money into chance or careful strategy… or both!

Mothership caters to a variety of play styles. You could choose to rely on chance and luck of the draw to win you the game. Perhaps you’re the type of person who favors strategy and careful planning. Or perhaps deceit, betrayal and broken alliances are more your cup of tea? Whatever your play style, Mothership has you covered!


Mothership can also be played with alternative Victory Point rules for a fluid, faster paced experience!


  • Control Panel: You can change your Mothership’s stats every turn by managing energy.
  • Dynamic: The game board changes every time you play. You can create your own board layout using the asteroid tiles!
  • Balance: All players have an equal chance, yet can choose from a wide range of tactics.
  • Engaging: There’s never a dull moment! You still have a chance of winning right up until you lose your last ship.
  • Technology Tree: Allows players to choose different tactics each time they play.
  • Accessible: First time players can compete against veterans of dice combat games. Mothership can also be simplified for younger players by removing the tech tree while still being a ton of fun!

What’s in the Box


  • Game Pieces: 6x Colony Stations, 6x Motherships, 18x Fighters, 12x Bombers, 42x Capture Markers, 8x planets, 50x transparent stands
  • Printed: 1x 20″ Game board, 6x Mothership Control Panels, 6x Tech Trees, 97x action cards, 30x Resource Cards,  6x Victory Point cards, 10x asteroid tiles.
  • Other: 126x blue energy, 96x red HP, 18x grey
  • Dice: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12

Kickstarter Exclusive Components

  • Printed: 10x Silver embossed asteroid pieces (replaces standard asteroids)
  • Dice: 1x Special Event D6,  Custom engraved 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12

How to Play




The fantastic team at WinGo will be manufacturing Mothership!