War-gaming Distilled

Mothership takes the best elements from dice combat games and blends them into an easy to pick up, unpredictable and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s light-hearted, engaging and thrilling from start to finish.

Players take turns moving ships, attacking other players, capturing planets and managing an economy.


Mothership First Edition Trailer.


Fast, small ships used to scout the battlefield and destroy smaller vessels.


Slow but powerful frigates with hull piercing cannons.


With your control panel you can adjust this ship’s engine, weapon or shield power. Can also be equipped with massive super weapons!

Colony Station

Your entire Colony is inside this ship waiting for the day they can permanently settle on a new home. You must protect it at all costs!

Guardian Cannon

Deploy these massive floating defenses anywhere you want. Protect key locations or harass your enemy by building them near their base.



One off bonus cards that can really get you out of a tough spot. Or trade them in for minerals and spend the resources on something else.


Explore planets and uncover a unique upgrade on every planet. Be careful, if an enemy takes your planet they also take your artifact!


Specialize your fleet with one of ten different classes, each with their own unique abilities. Included with the ‘Into the Vortex’ expansion.

Distress Beacons

Respond to Distress Beacons to engage in story missions. Choose between two different outcomes and reap the rewards! Included with the ‘Call of the Void’ expansion.


Complete the objective and choose between two rewards. Included with the ‘Call of the Void’ expansion.


Your fleet is composed of four unique ship types, including the versatile Mothership that can modify its weapons, shields and engines on the fly.

Race for planets, build space cannons and out-maneuver your enemy in exciting free-for-all or team battles. Eliminate other players with nail-biting finishes or experience fast and frantic victory point mode.

Shape Your Fleet

Explore the galaxy, research technologies and take on exciting missions to craft your fleet and get the edge over your opponents.

Manage Your Economy

Capture planets, rake in the resources and spend them on incremental upgrades and massive super weapons.

Design Your Battlefield

Map makers rejoice! Mothership’s modular board allows you to craft your own galactic battleground, or, choose from a range of pre-designed maps.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches 5th March.

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