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Out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play is an app designed to complement your ship exploding, dice rolling experience.

Here’s the features list:

  • Use this app to replace 1x player’s Control Panel and Tech Tree.
  • The app includes a dice roller that automatically calculates the correct dice to use for each ship and will add all corresponding buffs based on your energy levels, Tech Tree purchases, Class selection and controlled artifacts.
  • Perfect for those who want to play Mothership but don’t want to keep track adding buffs to their dice rolls.
  • The visuals are designed to match the physical version as closely as possible.
  • The artifact screen allows you to Develop planets and automatically calculates their planet defence.
  • Dice roller includes Random Event Dice and Bonus Dice.
  • The app also includes a full card list and board layout gallery.
  • Available on iPhone and Android as 16:9 screen ratio or on iPad as 4:3 ratio. While the app was designed primarily for use on 16:9 devices, for the best experience it is recommended to use the 4:3 iPad version where possible.
Control Panel Screen
Technology Tree
Dice Roller Screen
Artifact and Development Screen


1st Edition App

Apple App StoreGoogle Play

Out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play is an app designed to complement your ship exploding, dice rolling experience.

What you should know before downloading: The app will run and look it’s best on tablets. As requested by the community I haven’t restricted it to any device type, so you can download it to a phone but of course the buttons may be too small and some text hard to read (although there’s some zoom buttons). I also didn’t restrict the app to only new devices, so if you run it on older tablets it may lag between menus a little.

Fleet Manager


Fleet Manager combines one player’s Control Panel and Technology Tree into a single screen. Using the plus and minus buttons you can increase and decrease energy across your Mothership’s subsystems. The Tech Tree also highlights when you upgrade your fleet and will only allow you to select one branch per tree. When you upgrade your Support tree to include extra Mothership energy, this automatically gets added to your Control Panel.


It doesn’t end there, though! As you’re aware, the Tech Tree also adds buffs to the rolls of your Fighters or Bombers. Tap the dice button and you’re taken to a personal dice roller that connects to your Tech Tree and automatically adds your buffs for you! This screen also sports a large area to display the current roll, roll history up to four places and buttons for regular dice.

Stand Alone Dice Roller


Obviously each player in your gaming group may not have a device to run the app, so there is also a stand-alone Dice Roller which can be used for the entire table. The module features buttons for normal dice, the Random Event D6 and buttons that correspond to Fighter and Bomber rolls, their buffs and multiple ships attacking at once.

Rule Book, Card List, About  


It’s helpful for each player sometimes to have their own copy of the rule book and also a list of cards they can expect to appear in the deck along with their quantities. The rule book also includes the How to Play video available on YouTube.

Privacy Policy

The Mothership 1st and 2nd Edition app does not collect any of your personal data in anyway. I was barely able to code this thing, let alone make it take your data. I make board games, not apps! Anyway, that fulfills my obligation to Apple to have a privacy policy.