Words cannot describe how cool it was to be involved in this campaign. There was something special about this one, and I have to put it down to you. So many people got involved in the events, comments, social goals and stream and it was honestly so much fun connecting with you all.

So, to all of you wonderful backers, THANK YOU! You made this campaign an absolute joy to run.

Your support and excitement for my little game about spaceships is everything a designer could hope for. 

But enough of that, lets get down to business!! What did we unlock?

We unlocked…EVERYTHING

Every stretch goal, every campaign event and every social goal…all done. Mothership has truly been expanded to it’s limits. Let’s see the stretch goal results:

With the social goals and campaign events we added:

  • 2x new Class Cards
  • 8x new Objective Cards
  • 12x new Action Cards (with 2 being community created)
  • 8x new Artifact Cards
  • 10x new Distress Beacon Cards

It’s awesome as the creator to see my baby complete, thank you for making that happen.

Final Day Stats

Do you know how awesome this community is? We had over 360 comments just today alone. I had so much fun hanging out in the comments section and chatting to everyone. Today was busy though. How busy? Check out the campaign stats from Kicktraq:

Haha, look at the day of comments…that’s insane!! It was tiring keeping up with everyone, but oh so fun. Speaking of tired:

People to thank

Everyone on the Mothership team that made this a reality: BjornGraemeNathanMike and Ken. The biggest thank you goes to my wife Alkira who has not only designed the game and campaign with me but has also made it look amazing with her incredible artwork.

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