I’ve got another huge update for all of you, let’s jump into it…

Manufacturer Sample

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve been receiving samples from the manufacturer, Boda Games, who have done a great job in getting Mothership to where it needs to be before we start full production. I was going to take lots of photos to post, but I thought it might be cooler to have an unboxing video instead (I’ll take photos and post them later). So, here you go:

Colour Matching Issues

This bit of annoying news will only affect those who ordered the upgrade pack and are combining it with the 1st Edition. I’ve learnt that the 1st Edition manufacturer (WinGO Games) did NOT follow my Pantone numbers correctly for the minis. This has been pointed out to me recently by Boda Games. The result? Boda Games have had to match the colours as best as they can to the 1st Edition minis from samples I’ve sent them, as there’s no way to track down the actual Pantone numbers that were used in the 1st Edition. What this means for you: This means that SOME of the colours in the upgrade pack will look slightly different when placed side by side with the 1st Edition. When you’re sitting back and playing the game, you won’t notice any difference, but side by side you will notice the tone being a little off. I know a photo on screen might not convey exact real life colours, but you can see the difference here:

I’m really sorry about this! As far as issues in production have gone, this is the only problem that has cropped up that is out of my control.

Minor Changes

I mentioned in the video that the purple action card artwork has changed. I’ll detail this in the next update. Another change is the quantity of Beacon Tokens included in Call of the Void. It has been reduced from 20 to 16. This is purely because 20 was a little excessive, so I cut back on that to save on space.That’s all from me this week. Thankfully, we’re still on schedule for February 2020 fulfilment.

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