Announcing Mothership’s 2nd expansion: Call of the Void 

The first expansion, Into the Vortex, added more game variety in the way of player classes, nebula and wormholes. This expansion focuses on providing players with exciting side missions during the game.

Distress Beacons

Call of the Void adds story-style events to each game in the form of Distress Beacons.

These Beacons are circular tiles that are littered over the map. When a ship moves over the top of one, a Beacon card is picked up and read out to the group. Each card will offer an opening story and two outcomes to choose between.

The majority of outcomes for these Beacon cards are positive, some of which add abilities not currently available in the base game.

This will add an exciting new element to Mothership that benefits both Deathmatch and Victory Point modes. Play-testers agree that these new cards add incredible depth to the game and offer added direction for players to enjoy.

The Beacon tiles are double sided to offer players the opportunity for added flexibility in game set ups. One side identifies the ship type required to activate the Distress Beacon, while on the other side you’ll find a lock symbol. Exhausted all unlocked Beacons on the map? You can now flip over the locked Beacons. This mechanic ensures that some will be available during mid and late game.

Objective Cards

In addition to the Distress Beacons are Objective Cards. Each player receives two unique objectives at the beginning of the game and can choose to complete either one, or both of them during the game. Upon completion, the player can chose between one of two reward bundles.

Next Update

I’m hard at work preparing all of the new content as well as an overhaul of the base game.

You may have noticed some visual enhancements in the images above. Many of Mothership’s key elements now have icons to help quickly identify what’s involved for any particular action.

In the next update, I plan to show you all of the changes in the base game.
Your thoughts and opinions have helped to shape Mothership, as such I will include a survey with the next update, to ask for your thoughts on the changes so far and any suggestions that you may have for the upcoming campaign.

I cannot wait for you to experience the new and improved Mothership. Stay tuned as there is more information to come before the campaign launches in March 2019.

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