The Future of Mothership

I’m so excited to finally start revealing some information about the second edition of Mothership. I’m going to talk some more about my plans, the direction of the game and how you can be involved in the upcoming campaign below. But first, I’d love to introduce you to the latest unit which will be available in the base game, and through a first edition backer upgrade pack.

New Unit: Guardian Cannon

The Guardian Cannon is a defense unit that can be deployed next to any ship on the map. Their mechanics are very similar to asteroids in the sense that as soon as an enemy unit comes into firing distance they will attack with a D6. Through the use of some new tech tree upgrades (which I’ll detail in a later update), these giant floating guns are a force to be reckoned with.

How Guardians Impact Gameplay

The effect on the overall game was amazing to see. Players have immediately tried numerous strategies, including using Guardians offensively, defensively and for area control. Coupled with the newest tech tree tier (to be detailed in a later update), this new unit adds a layer of depth that fits perfectly into the current framework of the game. I’m absolutely sure that as a veteran player, you will love it.

New Direction

Did you notice the new logo? Development has taken a radical turn over the last year. Originally I viewed Mothership as a once off project, but the amount of support and love from all of you has motivated me to really think about the longevity the game. So, this time around I’ve thought long and hard about the possibility of distributing Mothership into retail stores.

This prompted a new direction in the appearance and design of the game. That means that the first edition is something really special. It’s everything I wanted in the box plus all the expensive bells and whistles. As a result, you can expect the next edition to be a little different from the last, but in no way will this mean a compromise on quality or the player experience.

How Do you Get the New Stuff?

In the next few months I will be discussing with all of you via a survey how you feel about the new look and designs within the game and what’s important to you in a first edition backer upgrade pack. It’s a priority to me that all of you awesome first edition backers get what you want from this campaign and are happy, after all, it’s because of you that Mothership was produced in the first place.

Kickstarter Date: 5th March 2019

Okay, so yes the campaign date is no longer set for Q4 2018…you can blame me for this one. As with my last two campaigns, I like to have the production of the game completed and a polished, final version of the game ready for manufacturing before launching. I’ve never been a huge fan of finishing stuff after I’ve gotten everyone’s money. But, the 5th of March 2019 is the set date. Lock it in your calendar and the more you talk about Mothership between now and then, the better our chances of smashing our goal!

What to Expect

Here’s a quick recap of the new content being developed:

  • New Guardian Unit
  • New Tech Tree (with some balance changes)
  • New resource type
  • New Expansion Pack
  • New planet type (seen in the last campaign)
  • Redesigned cards and player surfaces
  • Return of Into the Vortex and 8 Player Expansion
  • New artifacts and cards


Every time I send out an update I’ll link it via all the social sites below. I’ve recently added Instagram so that should hopefully have every one covered. To discuss anything Mothership, head over to the forums on BGG. That’s all for today, stay tuned for more info!


  1. Awesome. Can’t wait to see this one, and of course I’ll definitely be in for new Mothership content. That new cannon looks awesome!

  2. Wow! You are really building up a mix of “Starcraft” and “Sins of a solar empire: The board game”. Good luck to you!
    Will have to check if the changes will require an update of my first edition including expansion…

    Cheers! Will check in on Kickstarter in March 2019

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