There’s been an update in the card artwork for all the purple action cards. The older artwork was good, but Alkira wasn’t happy with it as it was too busy to be behind text. Here’s the new artwork:

Finally, Mothership is available in Polish!

You know who’s awesome? Wojciech Kamiński. Who is he? He’s a Mothership fan who offered to translate the entire base game rulebook into his mother tongue, Polish. Did he do a great job? I have no idea! I don’t speak Polish…but if you do, and you’d like to check out the translation then head over to the How to Play Page. Thanks so much Wojciech for your hard work! 

If you would like to contact Wojciech for any translation work, feel free to email him.

You reckon you could handle doing a fan translation of Mothership into your mother tongue? Send me a message!

Digital App News

As some of you might be aware, there is a digital companion app that was made to work with the first edition of Mothership. It included electronic player surfaces for one player that automatically added up dice rolls based on Tech Tree selections, artifact cards and class cards. Neato!

I haven’t spoken about updating the app as I wasn’t sure if I had the time. And…I’m still not sure! But I have the desire, and the plan is to recreate it from the ground up to work with everything in the second edition. For now though, don’t hold your breath. I’ll release more details if anything progresses.

Next update…full production

The next update will confirm the timeline for full production and fulfilment. We’re on schedule!

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