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I’m so excited to announce a brand new expansion for Mothership: Beyond the Expanse

Wondrous sights await you as you explore Beyond the Expanse. Tales are told of Pirates, space dwelling aliens, merchant traders and planets that are covered in giant sprawling cities. This miniatures-focused expansion pack will add a variety of ways to increase your presence in the galaxy and more ways to gain Victory Points.

Beyond the Expanse Includes:

1x Pirate Stronghold
 4x City Planets
 1x Space Whale
 8x Merchant Enclaves + Supports
 6x Stands
 10x Expanse Cards
 2x Red HP Cubes
 1x Rulebook

Here’s each element in a little more detail:

City Planets – These incredible planets will give you a surge of popularity every turn as they generate Influence for your Colony.

Pirate Stronghold – This is a a neutral structure on the map that can be captured. This will grant Victory Points and a new ability that changes from game to game. But be careful, the Pirates will not be captured without a fight! 

Merchant Enclaves – The Galaxy is open for business! Come one, come all and spend spend SPEND! If your Colony manages to control enough systems with orbiting Merchant Enclaves, then you will be able to reap the benefits of that sweet sweet capitalism. 

The Wandering Space Whale – A strange, space-dwelling alien has been sighted aimlessly wandering the Galaxy in search of minerals and gas to devour . If you befriend it, it will defend you in certain battles. If you decide to destroy it, well, then you get to pocket the resources contained inside it’s belly…

Each of the new elements are designed to integrate into the core game experience, enhancing both Victory Points or Deathmatch mode. This expansion continues the Mothership tradition of introducing new, light rules that can be easily swapped in and out of each game.

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