I’ll let you in on a little secret: I hated the XL board art I originally made. Can’t remember what it looks like? Here’s a reminder:

The only part I liked about any of it was the black hole which I was able to salvage and use in the expansion.

Behold, the new and improved XL board artwork:

Alkira, who also made the rest of the game’s artwork, painstakingly gave up two months of her Minecraft time to paint these. They look so good that it’s a shame to have to put the hex grid over the top of it.

You’ll notice there is a lot visually going on in every corner of the board. This is an intentional design decision. Players will only focus on small sections of the board at any given time, so I wanted to make sure that no matter where your attention is while playing, there is something nice to look at.

If you STILL want the old artwork, I’ll be adding the old files the PnP files and you can do what you like with them (probably burn them).

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