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In the last update I mentioned that full production had started…well now it has almost finished! The team at Boda Games have really done a great job in getting the game made in a timely manner. I have even been sent the final retail release to quality check.

I was going to take photos of each individual part, but you’ve already seen that in the sample video uploaded a few months ago. Instead, here’s the actual game being played, the very game you’ll be receiving in a few months:

3 player free for all with the new black hole at the center
The new black hole hazard really throws out conventional strategies
My blue Mothership was safely at a distance from the Black Hole until someone pushed me in…and I got stuck -_-
Loving the new green artwork on the XL board…it’s like we’re in Borg space!
Planetoids are so adorable!
Here’s another three player free for all with three neutron stars in the middle of the map (just a reminder, you only get x2 in the expansion 😅)
Half of yellow’s fleet here are nerfed because of being so close to the neutron stars
Here’s a shot of the new plastic pieces in the 2nd Edition, Guardian Cannon, Moon and Gas planet. They look amazing!
And here’s the real money shot!

I can’t say this enough…thank you backers!

Since the campaign started, I haven’t played Mothership. There’s just been too much work to be done on the game and in life. Playing this final copy was…incredible. I had forgotten what it was like to have the joy of just mindlessly playing Mothership again…not playtesting…not thinking of new ideas…just playing

…and it was FUN. I hope that doesn’t sound disingenuous coming from the creator, but we had so much fun. We played 3x three player FFA games in Victory Point mode with EVERY expansion and it was just off-the-wall nuts. 

And I had to keep reminding myself that it was a game I had made. This is truly what Kickstarter is all about: Giving schmucks like me a bunch of money to make a game that otherwise wouldn’t be made. And it is all thanks to you wonderful backers. Thank you for believing in Mothership and in my team. You won’t regret it when you finally get your hands on the game.

A few notes on game-play…

  •  For 1st Edition veterans: Being able to build on planets and exert power over the game in an economic way is one of the stand out elements of the 2nd Edition. Do not underestimate this new mechanic. It is subtle yet powerful.
  •  For all players: Do not be scared to play with every expansion. After a few rounds of the base game, you will easily be able to incorporate the other layers without much trouble. 

Next update

Hopefully by the next update in January I can tell you that the games are on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I should also have some screenshots of the new app. 

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