Here’s an update on the next campaign and new edition.

Next Kickstarter: As you might be aware, the awesome team at Outer Limit Games will be publishing and running the next Kickstarter for Mothership. As a result, we are running on their game timeline. They have three massive games being produced and fulfilled as we speak.

For them, they have decided to finish the majority of these projects before running another campaign so they don’t have to divert their attention away from Mothership. So, bottom line, when is the new campaign? The new target Q4 2018. That might seem like a long way off, but I am super happy about this decision.

New content: I’m so thankful for this revised timeline as it means the new content can have more time in the play-testing oven.

“What’s the new content? Tell me!!”

Alright settle down, here’s what we have planned:

  • Full single player / co-op campaign
  • New defense unit
  • Updated Tech tree with entirely new category
  • New Action cards

I want to build on what is already familiar and loved, not overhaul an already great frame work.

Don’t forget, for any new stuff, we will make sure that previous backers will be able to get their hands on it without having to buy a whole new copy. Although you can buy a whole new copy too, I’m not here to tell you what to do.


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